Round Norfolk Relay - 2022

An email has been sent to members outlining the approach for the clubs teams for the Round Norfolk Relay this year.

The 2022 event is on 17th-18th September.

Members, what do you need to do? Let us know by filling out the form below if:

  1.  You would like to be involved from a volunteering perspective? Each team requires a support crew that follows the teams throughout the event, most importantly in the hours of darkness where the vehicle performs a safety function as runners make their way along road sections of the course. Please appreciate that without this help the teams cannot run.
  2. You would like to be considered to run in the event? Please note that as a club with over 200 senior members and only 34 running slots available we expect to be hugely over subscribed, however please do not let this stop you from expressing an interest. Every year people get injured and places come available. Also note that being willing and able to run a 'long' stage often helps!

For info the selection criteria (in no order) include but are not limited to the following:

  • Form throughout year
  • Willingness to know the route and reconnoitre (recce) the routes
  • Injury concerns
  • Previous RNR form
  • Evidence of being capable to run the distance required
  • An interest in the race and an autonomous approach to arranging logistics
  • Potential to win individual prizes (through overall win or %AG)
  • Acknowledgement of key supporting roles in this or previous year(s)

Note: There will be a fee to run in the event. TBC, but will be heavily subsidised by the club. It costs us a lot of money!