Track and Field athletics is not possible without the following:

  • Qualified officials:
    • Starters - Start the races! Usually assisted by a marksman that ensures the athletes are setup in the correct lanes and are in the right positions.
    • Track Judges – Record the position athletes come in races, count the laps in distance events, monitor hurdle events, etc. Generally enforce the rules of athletics to track races.
    • Field Fudges – Record attempts by competitors, watch for infringements in throwing and jumping disciplines. Generally enforce the rules of athletics to field events.
    • Timekeepers – times races! Easier said than done. Requires a steady hand and a steely focus on the starter.
  • Helpers - rake a sandpit, move some hurdles, retrieve a javelin, replace a high jump bar, etc. They are not big or daunting tasks but they need to be done.

There is a huge amount of information on officiating on the England Athletics website

If you are interested in helping out in this area then speak to the Track and Field rep. In order to become an official you will need to attend a course (paid for by the club). Helpers just need to turn up!