Club Championships 2019

Latest Standings, May 2019

Age Graded standings, February 2019

What is it?

  • 17 running events between February and December 2019 (5K to Marathon)

  • The more races you complete the more points you accumulate (up to maximum of 8races)

  • Bonus points on offer for personal bests and volunteering

  • Trophy awarded to top 3 males and top 3 females with the most points at the end of the year, to be presented at the Awards Dinner

  • This is a friendly competition to promote participation, camaraderie and volunteering

  • Open to all paid up senior club members


  • Seven 20 point races – Ryston organised events*. 20 points for the 1st Ryston to finish, 19 for 2nd, etc. down to a minimum of 10 points (i.e. all after the 10th Ryston to finish will score 10 points). Your best 3 scores out of 7 will count.

  • Ten 10 point races. 10 points for all Ryston members to finish (up to maximum of 5 races)

  • 5 points each time you break a personal best

  • 15 points for volunteering (or providing a volunteer) at Ryston organised events* (up to maximum of 3)


  • Mad Hare 15M*  17th February

  • Ryston XCGP 6.5K*  10th March

  • Wymondham 20M  24th March

  • Kings Lynn GEAR 10K  5th May

  • Humpty Dumpty 10K  23rd June

  • Hancock 5M Handicap*  4th July

  • DerehamTown 5K  18th August

  • Wissey Half Marathon*  1st September

  • Jolly Jaguars 10K  22nd September

  • Ryston XCGP 5K*  October 6th

  • Peterborough Half   13th October 

  • Fenland 10M  27th October

  • Ryston XCGP 9K*  10th November

  • Long Sutton 10K  17th November

  • Ryston XCGP 6.5K*  8th December

  • Marham 10K  31st December

  • Any Marathon (inform road running rep of your time)

Age Graded Competition

The 2019 age graded competition will run concurrently using the same races (except XC) and will be based on the average of your best 4 age graded %