Why Ryston?

Looking around for a club to join is often a bit of hit and miss, however select Ryston Runners AC and we're confident you won't be looking much further. But why Ryston?

  • The diverse range of ages, events and abilities we offer support for means that you won't feel isolated no matter what you disciplines you are interested in. 
  • We encourage our athletes to try a broad range of events/distances, not only to help the team but also to help develop themselves, perhaps even find skills they never knew they had!
  • Several of our athletes and coaches have been exposed to national and international level competition over a number of decades - whilst we appreciate not everyone will have these aspriations, the knowledge and experience to be gleaned is relevant at every level.
  • We have Clubmark accreditation, which means we have demonstrated to our sports governing bodies our expertise in maintaining high quality, welcoming environments for young participants (for more information visit www.clubmark.org.uk).

Interested? Find out How to Join