Ryston Winter Endurance Series 2020-2021

Form to submit times and the details of each months events are at the bottom of this page


The Ryston Winter Series is a closed series of events for members of all ages over pre-set courses on a mixture of terrains through the winter months (November 2020 to April 2021) set out to try and give us all a reason to get out there and enjoy our running with the ongoing pandemic.

Each month on the club website there will be precise route instructions and a map for the run/runs of the month. Runs should be completed in your own time (if we can organise something at some point then we will - see below), bearing in mind government guidelines at the time. As soon as you have completed a run you should forward confirmation (screenshot of GPS if possible) of your time either below via the form or to Jane by Facebook message or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Members completing a minimum of one of the runs in at least four of the months will receive a memento.

There is no limit to the number of attempts of each course each month so if you think you can go quicker then have another go!

The plan for the months is as follows:

November - click here to see results
December - click here to see results


While the country is in lockdown we must accept that travelling to a specific location to perform a run is not advised. We therefore advise members to perform these events at alternative locations close to their homes that are equivalent in terms of distance (unless the locations are within 5 miles-ish of their home).  For the 9km we will apply a conversion factor for road -> XC. (And vice versa if tarmac routes are performed off road)

- Parkrun course, The Walks, Kings Lynn (any other parkrun course is acceptable, if preferred)
- 9km XC, Shouldham Warren

Juniors - 2km junior parkrun course, The Walks, Kings Lynn

- 1500m, on track, Lynnsport (solo or in groups on club night, if guidelines allow)
- 6 miles, multi-terrain, Downham Market

Juniors - 800m, on track, Lynnsport (on club night, if guidelines allow)

- 6.5km XC, Shouldham Warren
- 10km, on road, Kings Lynn

Juniors - 2km XC (Under 11s course), Shouldham Warren

- 5 miles, multi-terrain, Downham Market
- 1 mile, on track, Lynnsport (solo or in groups on club night, if guidelines allow)

Juniors - 1500m, on track, Lynnsport (on club night, if guidelines allow)


We will aim to post the results of each 'event' at the end of each month and will be awarding/giving kudos for the following:

  • Running fast and/or getting high % age-grading
  • Taking part in the event and getting into the spirit of its intent
  • Consistency
  • Improvement

This is all designed to be a bit of fun. Please treat it that way. 

Any questions should be directed to Jane (Road Running Rep) or Rob (Club Chair).


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