Virtual Round Norfolk Relay

Many will have seen that due to the ongoing covid situation the organising committee of the Round Norfolk Relay (RNR) are this year hosting it as a virtual event over the month of September. As the club that started the event all those years ago it would be rude not to get involved!

So, how do you take part?  Well, rather than select teams up front we’re inviting members to get involved via a (hopefully) straight forward process - this event is open for members only.

  1. Select which stage(s) you want to have a go at (look up the stage details on the Round Norfolk Relay website, - Age restrictions must be adherred to.
  2. Run a route that is equal to the distance and approximately equal to the elevation and terrain of the stage(s) you have selected and record your time (on your GPS, if you have one*)
  3. Submit your performance via the form below

In the first 2 weeks of the month (Tuesday 1st to Sunday 13th) we are inviting members to attempt a maximum of 2 of the stages 1 to 9.

In the second 2 weeks of the month (Monday 14th to Sunday 27th) we are inviting members to attempt a maximum of 2 of the stages 10 to 17.

We will be monitoring the results throughout the month and will be awarding/giving kudos for the following, which are in line with awards at a ‘Normal’ RNR:

  • Top %AG Junior (Under 20, Male and Female)
  • Top %AG Senior-ish (20-39, Male and Female)
  • Top %AG Master-ish (40+, Male and Female)

%AG = Age Graded

(Masters ages adjusted slightly based on club demographic!)

  • 1 x Stage Winner on each stage (you will have worked out that you can run 4 stages, but each person is only eligible to win 1 stage – if someone is a winner of multiple stages, the stage where the highest %AG is achieved will count)

The list of “Stage Winners” will then be compiled to form “The Dream Team” which will be entered by the club into the event, along with as many other teams that we manage to form!

One final competition, again in line with the RNR awards, is a photograph competition. When taking part, take a picture of you, your surroundings, something funny, creative, RNR related, anything you like!

This is all designed to be a bit of fun. Please treat it that way. Where it is possible and safe to do so, by all means go and attempt the actual course the stage is set on, but there is absolutely no requirement to do this.

Any questions should be directed to Jane (Road Running Rep) or Rob (Club Chair).

*To enter teams into the RNR event we will need the GPS data. This isn’t required to enter our own club event, but be aware as you might be asked when we pull together the teams! Don’t be afraid to ask about using a GPS watch, its not as scary as you think…